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January 30, 2011

Computer and Programming eBooks

Here many downloadable computer and programming ebooks,, in the areas listed and linked below. These will help you learn more about these programming technologies and topics. Most of them are in pdf format.

Computer eBook Categories:

 - Ada
 - C and C++ programming
 - Flash -
 - General .NET
 - Java and JSP
 - JavaScript
 - Linux
 - Lisp
 - PHP and MySQL
 - Python
 - Perl
 - Ruby
 - SQL
 - System Administration
 - UML
 - Unix
 - Visual Basic
 - Wed Design
 - XML
 - iPod

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May 12, 2009

XML, GWT, and PHP Tutorial from IBM Developworks

Here is an excellent XML, GWT, and PHP Tutorial at that explains the bridge between GWT and PHP using XML. Applications created using GWT (Google Web Toolkit) uses PHP web services to send and receive information in XML. GWT allows the creation and access of servlets in Java through which data can be passed between clients and servers. GWT does not limit communication with such servlets, but can freely communicate with almost all types of web services. This web development tutorial discusses and demonstrates these concepts in detail. You can also download (pdf) this tutorial, titled XML: The bridge between GWT and PHP Tutorial.

A test application
This section provides a step-by-step explanation to create a simple applications using XML, PHP and the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). This example shows how to use XML as a bridge between PHP and GWT.

Sending XML with PHP
This section uses a simple form to send XML data using PHP. The XML data that is sent is used to demonstrate XML’s many capabilities.

Processing XML with GWT
Google Web Toolkit provides the XMLParser for reading and writing XML. For this section, the GWT documentation is provided for further reference.

Sending XML with GWT
Applications in GWT allow users to edit various fields and then send this updated data back to the database. This section discusses two algorithms used to send XML with GWT.

Reading XML in PHP
This section discusses how XML data can be read and manipulated in PHP using elements of arrays or directly, as attributes of the XML object.

The conclusion explains the relation between XML, GWT and PHP.

The code that is used for the examples for all the sections discussed above are available for download here.

Further learning material and additional resources for XML, GWT and PHP are provided here.

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April 4, 2009

250 Computer eBooks

Here are over 250 Computer eBooks covering many techinical areas, including Java, C++, XML, Cisco, Wireless, Use Cases, UML, CIW, and dotNet. These programming and computer ebooks are in pdf format.

eBook Topics:

 - C++ Programming
 - Java Programming
 - Java Networking and Security
 - J2EE, J2ME, JSP
 - EJB, JavaBeans
 - JDBC and Database Programming
 - PHP Programming
 - Algorithms
 - CIW Certification
 - A++ Certification
 - MySQL and Oracle Database
 - SQL, Database Design
 - XML Programming, SOAP
 - Networking, SNMP
 - Wireless, WLAN, WPAN
 - 3G Mobile Communications
 - Security, SSCP Certification
 - Neural Networks
 - Fiber Optics Communications
 - Linux Shell Scripting
 - Real-Time Designs and Patterns
 - UML, Use Cases
 - Software Architecture
 - ANT
 - Solaris, SCSA, SCPJ, SCEA
 - Visual Studio
 - .NET Framework and Architecture
 - C# (C Sharp) Programming
 - Visual Basic .NET, VB .NET
 - Visual C++ .NET
 - Windows 2003
 - Windows XP
 - Citrix

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March 16, 2009

51 Web Development Tutorials

Given below are 51 Web Development Tutorials at Irrespective of whether you are a beginner learning the basics of Web Development, or an expert trying to find an innovative solution to a problem, these web development tutorials will essentially guide you in both aspects. The topics covered here are vast and varied, and include HTML, DHTML, CSS, CGI, ASP, PHP, Perl, Java, Javascript and XML. Each of these topic has multiple, easy-to-understand tutorials, and they should get you up to speed in no time.

General Web Development Tutorials:

 -  Calculating date differences using JavaScript
 -  Javascript Photo Album
 -  Using PHP To Create Dynamically Driven Templates
 -  Introduction to JavaScript: Rotating Banners on your web page
 -  How to log IP's (and some other http headers) with ASP/VB
 -  Introduction to SSL for IIS5
 -  A beginners approach to creating an online webcam.
 -  Dynamic tables using XML and Internet Explorer 5 (or better)
 -  Putting a cool border around a picture
 -  PHP/MySQL Announcements
 -  Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks
 -  PHP/MySQL Safe Query
 -  Submitting a FORM to a new window
 -  Best Practices for Securing Microsoft IIS 5 and 5.1
 -  PHP and mySQL
 -  PHP Math Processor
 -  Put Messenger Contacts on Your Site
 -  How to create an army of remote network nodes for debugging network applications
 -  Hosting Multiple Domains With IIS
 -  Parsing XML - Wired News Reader
 -  Hosting Multiple Domains With One Machine
 -  Sending Email with JavaMail
 -  Overcoming "401 Access Denied"
 -  Perl - The Basics
 -  The Basics of SSI
 -  C and C++ Compiled CGI Scripts for the Web
 -  Creating a Graphical Hit Counter In Perl
 -  Using HTML and SSI to create templates
 -  Effective use of HTML Tables
 -  More non-web uses for JavaScript...
 -  Positioning With CSS
 -  Making Coloured Scroll-bars for IE 5.5 Using CSS
 -  Set up your own name server
 -  PHP: Generating Form Result
 -  Let's have fun with basic PHP II : File Uploading with PHP
 -  XML, Part 2: XML Schemas
 -  Partitioning Large Images to Reduce Download Time
 -  Setting up SSL for your Servers and Email
 -  XML, Part 1: XML and Namespaces
 -  Intro to PHP
 -  Beginner's HTML
 -  Using Tables To Make Your Website Look More Professional
 -  Let's have fun with basic PHP I: Email address validation
 -  Flash light effect using Macromedia Flash 4.0
 -  CGI script to send mail
 -  Using JavaScript for more than just web pages can be both fun and profitable....
 -  Random positioning with javascript.
 -  CSS: Why the need, and what can it do?
 -  Basic HTML
 -  JavaScript and the DOM
 -  How to put a JavaScript into an HTML document?

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February 27, 2009

dotNET Framework Training Modules from MIT

Here are 11 excellent free .NET Framework Training Modules from MIT, split into 4 training distributions A- D, as linked below. These .NET tutorials and learning lessons are professionally produced and will impart a great amount of knowledge and understanding of how to code and program using the .NET Framework, C# applications, Object-Oriented software, the CLR, .NET GUI apps, .NET Security, Web Forms with ASP.NET, and XML Web Services. These training modules will help you get going with coding in .NET, or can be used to increase your .NET programming proficiency. Each module has a tutorial with exercises and a slide presentation that can be used as a quick introduction to the concepts in the tutorial. 

Distribution A:

Introduction to the .NET Framework
 - Tutorial
 - Presentation

Learning C# programming (C Sharp)
 - Tutorial
 - Presentation

Writing Object Oriented Software with C#
 - Tutorial
 - Presentation

Distribution B:

Introduction to the Common Language Runtime
 - Tutorial
 - Presentation

Working with the .NET Framework Class LibraryWriting .NET GUI Applications
 - Tutorial
 - Presentation

Distribution C

Security and the .NET Framework
 - Tutorial
 - Presentation

Advanced Common Language Runtime
 - Tutorial
 - Presentation

Advanced .NET Framework Class Library
 - Tutorial
 - Presentation

Distribution D:

Advanced .NET GUI programming
 - Tutorial
 - Presentation

Web Form Programming using ASP.NET
 - Tutorial
 - Presentation

XML Web Services
 - Tutorial
 - Presentation

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November 22, 2008

Computer and Programming Books Linked by Google

Here is a google search that returns several sites the provide and link to freely available technical, web development, and programming online books. Technologies covered by these include Java, Perl, Networking, Linux, Unix, Oracle, and XML. About one-third of the links in the search results are of interest.

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September 23, 2005

FAQs for C, C++, Java, C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, XML, HTML, Oracle, SQL PL, SAPs

Here is a collection of FAQs (Frequently Answered Questions) covering C, C++, C#, Java, VB.Net, ASP.Net, XML, HTML, IBM, Testing Tools, Oracle, PL/SQL, SAP, and Seibel.


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