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February 21, 2012

Top 11 Java Tutorial Video Playlists for 2012

5 years ago we did a post on the Top 40 Java Video Tutorials available on youtube. That post has been one of the most popular that we have done. In the past 5 years technology has changed and the growth of youtube has skyrocketed. Instead of having individual videos, users have uploaded whole tutorials to help you learn Java programming. These playlists range from a handful of videos to hours of professional caliber training. Here now is a list of the top playlists for Java Training

Java (Beginner) Programming Tutorials - (87 videos)

Java (Intermediate) Tutorials - (27 videos)

Java Game Development Tutorials - (36 videos)

J2EE tutorials for Beginners - (2 videos)

Spring 3 MVC Framework Tutorials - (3 videos)

Struts 2 Framework Tutorials - (4 videos)

Spring Framework Tutorial - (8 videos)

Java Video Tutorial - (11 videos)

Learn Java Programming - The Basics - (48 videos)

Java Game Applets - Beginning Game Programming

Java Tutorial - (21 videos)

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