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COBOL Tutorial
COBOL programming site containing COBOL lectures, COBOL programming exercises, example COBOL programs and Report Writer tutorials. This is an excellent free training site. Here are the free COBOL Lectures and Tutorials.
The Cobol Center - This site is dedicated to COBOL and to those with an investment in COBOL. There are many Internet sites that provide information about COBOL. The COBOL Center brings that information together so that you will not need to cruise all over the Web to find it. Practical help is what you will find here.
Quick JCL - Offers an introduction amd background information about Job Control Language, using statements and examples.
A Tutorial on COBOL
COBOL User Groups : COBUG - This COBOL programming portal is a one-stop resource for the COBOL community where you will find references to tutorials, user groups, jobs, compilers, program examples, forums, and other COBOL programming resources.
Cobol Tutorial
Object Oriented COBOL Tutorials
COBOL FAQ by Bill Klein
Lots of Free COBOL Resources
Sams Teach Yourself COBOL in 21 Days, 2nd Edition
Cobol Links

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